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Live courses over the web with author David Warner Mathisen, in a single three-hour session with visual aids and question-and-answer opportunities.

First Thirteen Books of the Odyssey, T. A. Buckley trans.

Odyssey, Giles trans. (volume I: Books 1 - 6)

Odyssey, Giles trans. (volume II: Books 7 - 12)

Odyssey, Giles trans. (vol III: Books 13 - 18)

Odyssey, Giles trans. (vol IV: Books 19 - 24)

Iliad, T. A. Buckley trans.

Orphic Hymns, Thomas Taylor trans.

Mahabharata, Ganguli trans.

Ramayana, Shastri trans.

Katha and Prashna Upanishads, Sastri trans.

Legends of Maui, W. D. Westervelt

Papyrus of Ani (Book of the Dead), Budge trans. 1895

Theban Recension (Book of the Dead), Budge trans. 1897

Book of the Dead, Renouf trans.

Lost Light, Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet, Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Devil's Pulpit, Robert Taylor

Astronomico-Theological Lectures, Robert Taylor

Myths of the Origin of Fire, Frazer

Odyssey, Giles literal translation, audio project (in segments)

For additional recordings in this series, please visit the Odyssey audio project page.