Very special thanks to Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior for having me onto the show as his guest this past week, and welcome to new visitors who may have learned about my work for the first time through the Gnostic Warrior show. 

Our conversation is available here on the  Gnostic Warrior website, as well as on iTunes. The player below will also allow you to listen to the show, or to download it to a mobile device for listening whenever convenient. You can also embed the radio bar below onto your own blog or website if you wish to do so, using the code available at the above link.

It was a pleasure to discuss these subjects with Moe, who has clearly spent a lot of time looking into these matters and obviously knows a lot about them. I enjoyed his questions and insights as we talked.

Here is a list of links to previous posts for those who wish to explore further some of the subjects we touched on in the interview. There is also an internal search window in the upper-left corner of this blog (on most browser configurations) which enables you to search for topics using keywords or phrases:

I hope that everyone enjoys the conversation and that it has a positive message for everyone who hears it.

I also hope you will come visit again soon!