Special thanks to Cliff Dunning for inviting me to join him for a conversation discussing Star Myths on his Earth Ancients radio show and podcast. 

Welcome to anyone visiting the Star Myths blog and website for the first time after hearing that interview!

Apologies to anyone who tried to tune-in live and found that we were experiencing unusual "radio interference" with the signal. After a few minutes of trying to figure out the problem, we disconnected from the "live feed" and re-booted the audio. That's why the YouTubevideo above, containing our interview, seems to start off somewhat abruptly, with Cliff and I joking about the audio problems. 

If you weren't listening live, below is a short sample of the audio problems we were having. After a few minutes of that, we disconnected so that Cliff could work with the system to try to fix it:

While we were disconnected and Cliff was tracking down a solution to the problem, there wasn't much for me to do, so I decided to turn to the Ganesh (Ganapati) mantra, because Sri Ganesha is known as the Remover of Obstacles (and at that point we were certainly experiencing some obstacles to communication! I had no idea whether or not we could get them fixed in time to continue the conversation). You can see more about Lord Ganesha, and what I believe to be the celestial foundations of the sacred tradition regarding his iconography here.

Perhaps with the assistance of Sri Ganapati, the obstacles were almost immediately removed, and the interview continued after that! But if you are wondering why the YouTubevideo above containing the full interview seems to start in a somewhat unorthodox manner, that's the back-story!

We covered a lot of ground -- hopefully some material that provides some new insights or perspectives that have not been covered as much in other previous interviews. Below are some links to additional material on some of the subjects we touched on during the conversation: