For those who enjoyed the recent essay (and blog post) entitled "Revelation chapter 22 and the Egyptian Book of the Dead," and who want to know how that essay came about, check out my interview with Moe Bedard of the Gnostic Warrior Radio program, recorded on March 16, 2017 and available for listening or downloading here.

If you're having trouble getting it to play, try the "Play in a new window" button -- or "right-click" (or "control-click") on the "Download" link, to save the file so you can listen to it on a mobile device while working in the garden or riding the bus or the train to work.

During that interview, Moe asks specifically about Revelation 22 and verse 16 -- and I'm so glad that he did, because although I had not specifically examined that particular chapter of Revelation in great detail, I promised Moe that I would look into it.

The next day, I wrote the essay linked above, discussing some of the celestial metaphor which appear to be operating in Revelation 22, as well as the clear parallels to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (or the "The Book of Coming Forth By Day"), and some thoughts about the themes and wisdom being conveyed to us in that ancient text.

This is another example of a time when I did not know the answer when I started out, but just one day or two later the answers seemed to come out of the text, and out of the Other Realm to illuminate the text. You can listen to the interview and hear for yourself that I clearly did not have all the connections that later came into view when I wrote the essay about Revelation 22 just a day and a half later (the interview was on Thursday afternoon and I wrote "Revelation chapter 22 and the Egyptian Book of the Dead" on Saturday).

I'm very grateful that Moe decided to reach out and invite me on for another visit to the Gnostic Warrior Radio show. Welcome to any new visitors coming to the website for the first time as a result of that interview. Our previous conversation was posted back in October of 2014, discussing the book The Undying Stars, published earlier that year.

Below are some links to previous posts for those who wish to explore further some of the subjects that came up during this most recent conversation:

I hope that you will enjoy the conversation! Thanks to Moe and the Gnostic Warrior community for graciously inviting me over for a discussion of these important subjects.