Big thank-you to Andrew Tuzson and Christopher Kingsley of the Lost Origins podcast for having me on for a new conversation about my latest book, the relationship between the stars and the world's ancient myths, and the way that the myths point us towards reconnection with the world around us, the wider universe, the invisible realm of the gods, and ultimately with our own essential self.

Our conversation took place on Monday, June 03, 2019.

We touched on some areas that I haven't visited in any previous podcast: I hope you will enjoy the discussion, and find something there which will be of value to you in your own journey and search.

Welcome to any new visitors who are learning about my research for the first time! You may be interested in some of the previous blog posts linked below, which explore further some of the subjects which came up during this conversation with Andrew and CK:

Before we began recording the conversation, Andrew and CK asked if there were any specific topics that I wanted to be sure to visit. 

I replied that I would rather just let the conversation go where it may: every conversation is different, and every man or woman you meet brings a unique set of experiences and thoughts (and, every time you meet them again, both they and you will have had different experiences and thoughts than the previous times).

I hope you will enjoy the direction this conversation took, and the areas that Andrew and CK brought out, through their own unique backgrounds and perspectives. I know that I certainly did.