Welcome to the new podcast, "Your Ancient Wisdom"

Welcome to the new podcast, "Your Ancient Wisdom"

Welcome to my new podcast, "Your Ancient Wisdom," a podcast exploring the connections between the world's ancient myths and the stars -- and the applications of their profound wisdom to our lives.

The world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred traditions can be shown to be using a common, world-wide system of celestial metaphor, designed to convey profound truths for our benefit and blessing.

Understanding this ancient celestial system enables us to listen to them in the language they are actually speaking -- the language of the stars.

This ancient wisdom was originally given to every culture, on virtually every inhabited continent on our planet -- and all the islands. It is extremely ancient: it can be shown to predate ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient China, the ancient Indus-Saraswati civilization, the ancient civilizations of the Americas . . . in short, the most ancient cultures and civilizations known to the conventional academic paradigm.

I am convinced that the messages of the ancient myths are vitally necessary to our lives today, and that they rightfully belong to each and every man and woman, as a precious inheritance: YOUR ANCIENT WISDOM.