Welcome, Red Ice Radio listeners!

Author David Warner Mathisen recently appeared on Red Ice Creations for a special three-hour interview with host Henrik Palmgren. For those of you who heard the show and came by to check out the Mathisen Corollary blog, welcome and we hope you enjoyed the interview!

We trust that you will enjoy the discussions here, and come back often for more! Also, feel free to visit the Mathisen Corollary Facebook page where you can correspond with the author and find out what's new.

For those who have not visited Red Ice before, the interviews can be found here:
Hour One

Hours Two and Three
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If you are just visiting the Mathisen Corollary blog for the first time, there is a lot to explore. We suggest that a good place to start might be the post below, which goes over some of the mechanics of precession using the annual motion of the constellation Orion, and discusses the fascinating connection between Orion and the plot of Shakespeare's Hamlet, as well as the link to Earendil of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (click image of Orion below):