First Thirteen Books of the Odyssey, T. A. Buckley trans.

Odyssey, Giles trans. (volume I: Books 1 - 6)

Odyssey, Giles trans. (volume II: Books 7 - 12)

Odyssey, Giles trans. (vol III: Books 13 - 18)

Odyssey, Giles trans. (vol IV: Books 19 - 24)

Iliad, T. A. Buckley trans.

Orphic Hymns, Thomas Taylor trans.

Mahabharata, Ganguli trans.

Ramayana, Shastri trans.

Katha and Prashna Upanishads, Sastri trans.

Legends of Maui, W. D. Westervelt

Papyrus of Ani (Book of the Dead), Budge trans. 1895

Theban Recension (Book of the Dead), Budge trans. 1897

Book of the Dead, Renouf trans.

Poetic Edda

Prose Edda

Lost Light, Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet, Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Devil's Pulpit, Robert Taylor

Astronomico-Theological Lectures, Robert Taylor

Myths of the Origin of Fire, Frazer

For audio recordings of a literal translation of the Odyssey, please visit the Odyssey audio project page.

The Pylos Combat Agate 

The recently-discovered Pylos Combat Agate should radically alter our understanding of humanity's ancient past.

Click here for an extended discussion of the celestial foundations which can be seen in the sophisticated and detailed artwork on this tiny gemstone.

Click here for a paper I wrote about this artifact, shortly after it was first revealed to the public.

Click here for a new and improved version of the discussion showing more evidence for the connection to the stars, published on Graham Hancock's website.

Click here for an article published in the University of Cincinnati magazine about the discovery of the Combat Agate in an ancient shaft-grave thought to date to 1500 BC.