Above is an abbreviated version of a fascinating recent interview on Red Ice Radio with Richard  J. Dewhurst, author of The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up.

The complete version of the full two-hour interview can be found at the Red Ice Creations website.  Membership is required to listen to the second hour, but a membership there is (in my opinion) well worth the modest price.  The first hour is free at that site.

The interview covers the evidence of ancient peoples in the Americas who do not fit the conventional historical paradigm that has been aggressively and almost exclusively propagated since the early decades of the twentieth century.  Mr. Dewhurst describes discovering extensive reports, both in newspapers and in scholarly publications, detailing finds of skeletons ranging from seven feet to nine feet in height, sometimes even larger, from sources stretching from the early nineteenth to early twentieth centuries.  Then, during the 1930s, he explains that all mention of these finds -- as well as the skeletons themselves and the numerous artifacts that were found along with them -- suddenly and inexplicably ceased or disappeared.

This interview resonates powerfully with many subjects described in previous posts over the years, including:

You can be sure I will be reading Mr. Dewhurst's book with great interest in the near future.