Welcome to everyone who perhaps is visiting for the first time after hearing about this site through Red Ice Creations! And, a warm welcome back to those who perhaps have visited before and for whatever reason decided to come check in again. 

Above is hour one of my recent interview with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio, discussing some of the subjects covered in my latest book, The Undying Stars. I am very grateful to Henrik and the team at Red Ice for the opportunity to discuss these subjects with all the fans of Red Ice worldwide, subjects which I believe to be of profound importance to humanity, not just in terms of our ancient history on this planet (as important as that is), but also in terms of where we are today and the acute challenges that we are all facing at this critical juncture in history.

I believe that Red Ice is a very important "space" and that we should all be grateful for the work that Henrik, Lana, and the rest of the team have done in creating a welcoming forum where evidence can be openly examined and views from all different angles can be expressed, as we try out different theories which can explain all the evidence.

As we collectively wrestle with questions such as "Where did the literalist interpretation of Christianity come from and how did it become so powerful?" or "Is there anything to all this talk of 'blood-lines'?" or "If people were crossing the oceans in ancient times, and if cultures had ancient ongoing contact between the continents, and if there is so much evidence for such contact, why is conventional academia so quick to declare all that evidence to be the product of hoaxers, or to ridicule the possibility of ancient cultural diffusion?" or even "Is there really a 'war on consciousness' that has been fought for centuries -- maybe even for millennia?" we find ourselves in a situation that is very much like a classic detective story (think Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie or even Scooby Doo) in which we have to be free to propose different possible explanations that fit the evidence and compare the theories to see which one fits the evidence most perfectly, if we ever want to have a hope of "solving the crime."

Henrik and the team at Red Ice, along with others in the "alternative media," are providing a way for those different explanations to be exposed and examined, and presented to the widest possible number of people on the planet, so that others can contribute to the examination of the various possibilities. I can quite frankly say that listening to the various guests on Red Ice over the years has contributed tremendously to my own synthesis of a possible explanation of what might have happened, and that the ability to listen to the proposals of many different theorists is absolutely invaluable to that process, allowing us to "trim off" parts that do not seem to fit the evidence very well while keeping important discoveries from many different sources, getting closer and closer to a possible solution all the while (in this way, the process might also be compared to the classic game of "Clue").

It is no exaggeration to say that Henrik has demonstrated time and again that he has acquired an amazing level of insight into material from all across the truly vast landscape of "alternative" subject matter, and has a familiarity with so many topics that he can follow the references and come up with insightful comments and questions for just about anything that guests to the show bring up. It truly is a pleasure to have a conversation with him and to listen to the conversations and discussions that he has with all the other guests on the program.

My own book admittedly covers quite a lot of material and there were a lot of times that I found myself taking some big "cross-country" flanking movements to try to embrace the full scope of some of the topics that we discussed (or at least to show the size of the particular topic, even if there wasn't time to explore all the details of the terrain). For those who want to get further into the details, I would suggest visiting this previous post, which contains a long list of "subject headings" and some links in each heading to a "search result" that shows a series of previous blog posts dealing with that subject (such as the topic of shamanism, for instance).

There is also a little "search window" to search just within this blog, located at the upper left of your screen (on most viewing devices): you can conduct searches for any of the subjects mentioned in the interview to see if I've covered them in previous postings. And, of course, there is a whole lot more evidence to back up some of the assertions that I made in this most-recent interview to be found in The Undying Stars book itself, which has 444 pages in both its hardcover and softbound editions, and which includes over 700 footnotes along with an index and bibliography, and over seventy illustrations to give a better understanding of the arguments which I present.

I hope you enjoyed the interview, and that you will come back to visit these pages again -- there is much more to discuss! Also, I am happy to hear from you and have a conversation about these matters: the best way to do that at present is via either Facebook or Twitter, although I may find better methods in the future (each of those has its own set of potential drawbacks).

And finally, for those of you who will be attending the upcoming Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations Conference in San Mateo, California next week, I hope to see you there in person and would be happy to talk with you there -- please come up and say hello if you see me!