I've made a few changes to improve the video quality somewhat on "The Universe Inside, part 1 (updated)."

[Later note: I'm changing the title of this video series to "Star Myths and the Shamanic Worldview," both because that is more descriptive and a clearer indication of what the videos are about, and because I am finding that "Universe Inside" has been used quite often in the past and is still being used for works which explore a wide variety of different subjects, and so to avoid confusion I'm just changing my title before going much further in the series. The new version with that new title is now embedded above and linked here. You can still see the old version if you want to (not sure why someone might want to, but there it is) if you use the "lined-out" link above ].

The starry-sky portion should now be slightly higher resolution than the first version. Still working on methods to improve that for future installments of this series. Part 2 of the series is linked and discussed here.