Happy Birthday today to Bootsy Collins: singer, bassist, songwriter, and space traveler! (October 26)

You can hear his distinctive and pioneering bass on any Parliament song and almost any Funkadelic song, and he continues creating, receiving, and bringing out new music from the celestial spheres, such as Tha Funk Capitol of the World album, which can be played in its entirety at his

official website

The entire mythology of the Funk revolves around the message that all men and women are somehow descended from the stars, which also happens to be true (mythology being one of the most profound ways to convey truth, along with music).

Given the starry nature of Bootsy's music (and his sunglasses and Space Bass), one must wonder if his name is somehow related to the important and Funky celestial constellation of Bootes.

In any case, his influential bass-playing has inspired whole generations of musicians, who are all undoubtedly grateful for his creative genius and his decision to land on this planet when it was passing through this particular point on its orbit! Wishing him many happy returns of the day! 

video links: Mirrors Tell LiesStretchin' Out.