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Special thanks to DJ John Gibbons for inviting me over to Alchemy Radio for a little chat, and for being such a gracious, patient, and insightful host!

Here is the interview (which can also be reached simply by clicking the image above):

Below, please find a table of links related to some of the topics we discussed in our conversation, which can serve as a launching point for those who wish to explore them further.

First, however, I must correct myself on one egregious error I made during the interview!

Yes, it's true: although I wish I never said stupid things, it actually happens more often than I care to admit! In the interview above, I made a major gaffe by saying (more than once) that Virgo is ahead of Leo when of course she follows Leo across the sky each night.

Believe me when I say that I actually do know this on an almost-instinctual level (or at least Ishould, as many times as I've blogged about it, put together diagrams which show it, and looked at the two constellations in the night sky), but I was talking way faster than I was thinking, and what I was thinking about was the motion of the sun through the zodiac wheel, which is the motion which is most important when considering the Samson story that I was trying to explain (see below).

Of course, the rotation of the earth each day causes the constellations to move from east to west each night, just like the sun goes from east to west during the day. However, due to earth's progress around the sun throughout the year, the constellations actually rise a bit earlier each night (due to the "forward motion" of the earth), and that causes the sun to rise "in" an earlier zodiac constellation every month.

Therefore, Virgo follows Leo as they cross the sky each night due to the rotation of the earth, but the sun goes through the sign of Leo first as we go through the year (Leo in that way "leads" Virgo). This is the motion that I was envisioning in my head as I was talking in the interview, but I kept talking about Virgo being ahead of Leo when "crossing the sky," which is totally incorrect and very confusing to first-time listeners who might be unfamiliar with this whole system!

So sorry for any confusion, but I hope everyone will forgive that and enjoy the interview!

For help in undoing any confusion I almost certainly must have caused, check out the links below:

Thanks for listening and for visiting, and hope to see you back again soon!

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