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Welcome to all new visitors who are here because they heard this evening's show on Truth Warrior, and to returning friends! If you were able to listen live I hope you enjoyed the conversation, and for those who wish to listen to the archived show or download it to a mobile device or disc for listening on the move, the links below will help you to do that.

Special thanks to host David Whitehead, who expertly steered the discussion to some very interesting and important areas of investigation. 

To listen to the program, you can wait a bit for it to show up on YouTube

(I will link to that when it is ready), or you can listen to the archived show below

You can also right-click (or control-click) on the show's title in yellow letters in the embedded player above and select "download linked file . . ."

In tonight's interview, we touched on these topics (among others) -- feel free to follow the links below to explore some of those subjects further!

Also, here is a link to check out my July conversation with David Whitehead

(a video interview). And, if you use them, be sure to link up to all things related to The Undying Stars on Twitter and Facebook (if you so desire).

Hope everyone enjoyed tonight's interview and hope you will come visit again soon!

image: Wikimedia commons (link).