I've just posted a new series of "subject-headings" over at a website called


which I hope will provide a sort of "terrain map" or "table of contents" to assist visitors in navigating through the wide range of related and interconnected subjects explored in this blog.

As I explain in a section of that site entitled "Welcome and Thank You for Visiting," during the course of pursuing and writing about these inter-related topics since this blog's inception in April of 2011, the discussion has ranged over such a wide landscape that I felt the need to define some general "regions" or "ecosystems" within the overall terrain.

The subjects that I have selected as categories are not exhaustive, nor are they the only way to try to group the different aspects of the investigation, but I hope that they will prove to be a helpful way of organizing the material and serve to make it somewhat more accessible, especially to those who may be new to the conversation.

These subject-headings can be thought of somewhat like the "chapters" in a large online book: if you read through all the sections and follow some of the links found in each one, you should get a fairly comprehensive overview of many of the issues which I feel are profoundly important for each of us as individuals and as part of a larger community of human beings on a planet which we share with all the other beings in our connected universe.

Those chapters or subject headings, as they stand right now, include:


With these sections now broadly defined, visitors can choose to read through them in roughly that order, or to skip around from one to another at their leisure. Now that this new "overview" or "directory" site is up and running, that might be the best place to direct friends or family members who you think might be interested in exploring these topics.

It is my sincere wish that these writings and discussions will be a blessing to those who, like me, are seeking to know and to apply this ancient profound wisdom which was given to all of humanity as a precious inheritance.

Namaste _/\_