Tune in this Tuesday, November 03 (2015) beginning at 

7pm Pacific Time,
10pm Eastern Time, and
8pm Grimerica Time (or whatever Time it is in your particular global meridian) 

to participate in a special Grimerica Double-Header, beamed world-wide from Graham and Darren's Mighty Igloo!

Your humble blog host and Star Myth investigator will be joining Graham and Darren for the second half of that Double-Header starting at 

9pm Pacific Time,
midnight Eastern Time, and
10pm Grimerica Time (and, just in case you haven't changed your clocks and watches from this weekend's time change, if that applies where you live, you may want to do that now so that you don't have a disconnect).

Of course, if you're not able to tune in live, the show will be available as a podcast afterwards, and I will provide a link to it here on this site.

However, one of the many cool aspects of the Grimerica Show is your ability to participate live in their Grimerica chat-room while Graham and Darren are actually "on the air" -- enabling you to add your questions, feedback, and suggestions while the show is taking place. Here's a link to the Grimerica chat-room

Another notable aspect of the Grimerica Show is the recognition displayed right in the Grimerica logo that we are all living in what appears to be an enormous world-wide matrix of ancient structures, now in ruins, whose remains can still be seen poking out of the sand, peeking out of the jungle, or (as with the moai of Rapa Nui) staring out across the waves of the ocean and the vast expanse of the Pacific.

The implications of this vast world-wide grid -- the scope and precision of which clearly shows evidence of extremely sophisticated understanding of the size and shape of our spherical earth, as discussed in this previous post among others -- should raise all kinds of questions regarding the true history of our species and our planet, and should cause everyone who thinks about it to realize that there are tremendous problems with the conventional historical timeline of ancient history that we are taught in school.

I believe that those questions are quite closely connected with the similar evidence we find which shows that the myths, scriptures, and sacred traditions of humanity -- virtually everywhere we look, on every inhabited continent on our planet, as well as across the islands that rise up out of the blue ocean -- are all built upon a common foundation of very specific celestial allegory.

The evidence for this shared foundation can be shown in so many myths from around the world that it is virtually indisputable: for nearly a hundred specific examples (with diagrams and sometimes with accompanying videos) see the partial list here.

These enormous, world-wide structures -- now largely in ruins -- seem to be related to just about all of the deep and (at times) seemingly unrelated subjects and mysteries explored by Darren and Graham and their guests on the Grimerica Show.

I am looking forward to returning to the Igloo and hope you'll join me for another trip to the wilds of Grimerica!

studying up for the show . . .

also . . .

link to travel back and re-visit my first trip to the Igloo here.