Thank you to Derek Veenhof for inviting me over to his podcast, The Deekast, for a conversation about myth, stars, celestial cycles, and Halloween!

This interview was recorded on October 29th, 2016.

Here is a link to the web player where you can listen to (or download) that interview, which is also embedded above.

During our conversation, we touched on a variety of important subjects. Below are some links to previously-published blog posts discussing some of these subjects, for those interested in reading more:

  • The relationship of that Old Testament story to other Star Myths from around the world, including those of Hephaestus and King Midas from ancient Greece, as well as the Old Testament story of Balaam.

  • The importance of music, rhythm, and chanting (many previous posts -- see for instance here, here and here).

  • And, of course, the upcoming passage of earth through the important points on its orbit which we call All Hallow's Eve and (the next day) All Souls Day.

I hope you will enjoy our conversation, and wish Derek all the best with his new podcast! (This only was episode #12 for his show -- a significant number!)