This interview was recorded on November 19, 2016.

A special thank you to Seriah Azkath for having me back for a second visit to his radio show and podcast, Where Did the Road Go?

You can listen to the podcast by downloading it from the Where Did the Road Go? website, or by "right-clicking" (or "control-clicking") on this link and then selecting "download linked file."

You can also listen to the interview as audio in the above YouTube video (and here is the link for that).

I enjoyed our conversation and hope that you will also!

If you'd like to go back and listen to our first interview, recorded on July 16, 2016, you can find that here (blog post contains embedded YouTube video, as well as links to that previous show along with links to further reading on some of the topics we discussed back then).

If you're interested in reading further on some of the topics discussed in this most recent show, here is a list of some links to previous posts or videos containing additional material:

  • The constellation-outlining and envisioning system published by H. A. Rey (link).
  • The "wax on / wax off" illustration from the original Karate Kid movie, and how it relates to the concept of the esoteric (link).
  • The profound work of Peter Kingsley (link -- note that for some reason I could not recall Dr. Kingsley's family name at the particular moment that I wanted to mention his work during the interview).
  • Evidence in the world's myths for a lost ancient civilization (see video here).
  • Discussion of the outline of the constellation Hercules and visual evidence from ancient pottery showing the correlation between the figure of Heracles or Hercules in ancient myth and the outline of the constellation itself (see for instance this previous post, as well as some of the examples shown in the videolinked in the previous point about a lost ancient civilization).
  • The famous but still little-understood ancient Mysteries of Eleusis (link).
  • The importance of the archaeological site being unearthed at Gobekli Tepe, and how it may point towards the almost-unbelievably ancient civilization(s) or culture(s) which could be the source of the common system of celestial metaphor which underlies the ancient myths and sacred stories of virtually every culture on our planet (link).
  • and the story of Adam and Eve and the Serpent, from the book of Genesis (see videos here and here).

I think you'll agree that the questions Seriah asked and the comments that he made during the conversation led the discussion in some interesting and important directions. 

I believe we are in a "Golden Age of Podcasting" in which talented producers and hosts (and producer-hosts) are creating platforms for the examination of questions of vital significance to our lives and to our planet, on subjects which are often ignored or even completely misrepresented in the traditional channels of examination and exploration (such as conventional media and conventional academia, both of which have been captured  or at least heavily influenced to varying degrees by major corporate interests and other powerful forces). 

Therefore, I believe that listening to podcasts and voices from a variety of other platforms should be an important part of staying informed and exploring new perspectives, and one that can be incorporated into daily life (perhaps while riding on the bus or driving back and forth to work, or while doing the dishes or working out in the garden). I also believe that we should support the efforts of producers and hosts of quality podcasts to whatever degree we are able to do so.

Thanks again to Seriah and to the wider Where Did the Road Go? community for having me over for another visit to their neck of the woods!

image: Wikimedia commons (  link  ).

image: Wikimedia commons (link).