I hope you can join me if you are at all able to do so at the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge for 2016, held in Rancho Mirage in the Coachella Valley / Palm Desert area of California, from September 30 (Friday) through October 02 (Sunday).

In addition to regularly-scheduled lectures, socializing, book-signing, and multi-speaker panels, we will also be going out into the desert Friday, September 30, in order to observe the stars and point out specific constellations -- with some discussion of the ways those particular constellations make their appearances in specific Star Myths of the world.

As it happens, the conference this year will take place at the first new moon following the autumnal equinox -- a confluence of celestially, mythically and metaphorically significant cycles, and an outstanding part of the month (weather permitting) for looking at the stars. We'll be carpooling a short ways into the desert in order to minimize light pollution.

Other speakers at the conference will include Robert Schoch, Christopher Dunn, Jason Martell, Gary Evans, Walter Cruttenden, and John Knight Lundwall.

Also, the conference organizers have just recently announced that Scott Onstott of Secrets in Plain Sight will be attending and speaking at this year's conference. You can a fairly recent blog post I've written in the past about Scott's work here.

I hope you can join us -- I am looking forward to stargazing in the California desert on the night of September 30!


Conference sign-up is available at the main CPAK 2016 website.