I've just published a new video, entitled "You aren't supposed to take them literally," which explains that literalism can cause men and women to miss out on the message of the myths in two different ways:

  • One way is for those who are able to convince themselves that the stories are actually describing literal events: if the myths are actually speaking a metaphorical and esoteric language, then interpreting them as if they are speaking a completely different, literal language is almost certain to lead to major misunderstandings and misinterpretations;
  • The other way, however, can be almost as bad (perhaps even worse in some ways -- maybe we should just say "equally disastrous"), and that is to assume that because one is unable to take them literally, they must not "be true" and their message can be ignored: this conclusion is extremely widespread today and in recent centuries.

However, if the sacred myths given to humanity are not in fact speaking a literal language,then rejecting them because you can't take them literally is a big mistake.

The video presents visual examples of numerous Star Myths from various cultures, showing beyond doubt that they are built upon celestial metaphor. Many of the star-charts and ancient images shown in the video will be familiar to long-time readers of this blog, although some will probably be new.

I believe that the truths in the ancient myths, scriptures, and sacred stories of the world contain absolutely vital truths that we need today. 

It is tragic to miss the message they have to offer, and I believe that literalism causes a huge percentage of men and women to miss their message in one of the two ways described above, and in the new video.