Above is a new video I just made entitled Celestial Liberation, exploring the "why?" of Astro-theology.

It briefly discusses some of the possible explanations that have been offered by those who have encountered the evidence showing that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are built upon the celestial motions of the stars and planets.

The possible explanations are numerous -- and it may well be that the secret of the original purposes of the myths still lies buried beneath the sands of time.

However, several possibilities have been put forth (often in a very "declarative" tone, as if the one telling us the reason has somehow determined the only possible solution to the mystery).

Some which are commonly offered include the assertion that "early humans" from previous millennia held the mighty celestial bodies of the sun, moon, planets and stars in such awe that they just naturally worshipped them. A related assertion in the same category would be the notion that as humanity gained more sophisticated understanding of the seasonal cycles and other celestial patterns which impact life on our planet (particularly the growing of crops), they encoded the knowledge of these patterns into the myths, accompanied by a reverence for the powers which generate those patterns by their motions.

While the importance of such knowledge is undeniable, as is the dependence of all life on earth upon these heavenly cycles and upon the ongoing motion of the heavenly bodies which generate those cycles, there exist numerous clues in the writings of ancient philosophers and initiates including Plato, Ovid, Plutarch, Macrobius, and Lucian (among others) which indicate that the system was intended to convey knowledge of a world which goes far beyond the physical exigencies of this one.

The more we learn to listen to the celestial "language" that the myths are speaking, the more we will be able to appreciate their incredible message -- a message which may be badly distorted if we try to interpret the scriptures using a language that they are not speaking at all. As we gain in understanding of the code of their celestial correspondences, we will increase in our ability to perceive the subtle details of the spiritual metaphors which they employ, which are intended to impart truths relating to the Invisible Realm -- the realm of spirit; the realm of the gods.

For more on the system of celestial metaphor, through which the world's myths convey profound truths regarding the spiritual-material universe we inhabit, and regarding our own journey through it, please see this previous post, as well as the volumes in my latest series entitled Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them.

I hope that you will enjoy my latest short video, Celestial Liberation: the "why?" of Astro-theology.