Just one more week until the 10th annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge in Rancho Mirage, California!

I am very much looking forward to presenting some thoughts about the Star Myths of the world and interacting with everyone who is able to attend -- as well as with other presenters for this year's conference, including John Anthony West, Robert Schoch, Walter Cruttenden, Carmen Boulter, Scott Onstott, Christopher Dunn, Gary Evans, Regina Meredith, Jason Martell, Alan Green, John K. Lundwall, Satyagi Brockschmidt, and Craig Marshall.

I am also very much looking forward to going out to the desert to observe the glorious panoply of the stars in the night sky over southern California this time of year, and pointing out some of the mythologically-important constellations to those who are able to join me on Friday night under the stars.

Some of the constellations we should be able to identify will include:





Great Square of Pegasus


Perseus (not pictured above -- he's outside the "window" of the image)




Northern Crown

Southern Crown






Big Dipper

Little Dipper



the glorious trail of the Milky Way galaxy

I very much hope you'll be able to join us if at all possible -- but if not possible at this time, I also hope you can get outside in the evenings this week to observe some of the above-named celestial features, all of which play prominent roles in many of the world's myths and sacred stories.

Now is a particularly good time of the month to go out to gaze at the night sky, if possible, because the moon is now waning towards the point of New Moon (which will occur on Friday, September 30 in California and early in the wee hours of the morning on October 1 for those around the longitude of Greenwich, England and points to the east of that).

It is also a wonderful time to observe the stars in the pre-dawn hours, where the moon is presently above Orion and gliding further towards the east each day.

If you are able to attend the conference this year, there will also be an opportunity to have a book or books signed, if you are interested in doing that. The conference bookstore will have copies of all of my books, including The Undying Stars, as well as Volumes One, Two, and Three of Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them. Of course, the bookstore will also carry copies of books by the other speakers who will be attending this year's gathering.

And, if you wish to bring a copy of one of my books that you've already purchased somewhere else and have it signed, that's fine too, of course.

I hope to see you there, or at some other event in the future if you're unable to attend this one. I myself am excited to meet you, as well as some of the other authors in attendance -- some of whom I have met before and some of whom I have not!

Safe travels.