The origins of the myths are shrouded in mystery.

As the new video above, entitled "The Trinomial Cube and Humanity's Ancient Myths," explains, the conventional explanations for the origins and purpose of ancient myth are often both inadequate and patronizing, viewing myth as an obsolete relic from a supposedly primitive and pre-scientific past.

There is, however, one view of the ancient myths which argues that they are neither obsolete nor primitive (nor are they necessarily "pre-scientific"): the theory that humanity's ancient myths are based upon a system of esoteric, celestial metaphor.

According to some proponents of this view (myself included), the ancient system provides an elegant and awe-inspiring means of conveying to our understanding profound truths regarding an invisible realm.

And, as Alvin Boyd Kuhn has insightfully argued, such an incredible system of using the Visible World to convey truths about the Invisible could not have been conceived when only one realm (the Visible) was known.

In this way, the ancient myths of humanity may be very much akin to the ingenious Montessori teaching experience known as the "trinomial cube," which beautifully models in a three-dimensional wooden cube the abstract and much less tangible concept of a cubed polynomial of three terms.

In order to have conceived of this model in the first place, its brilliant designer had to already possess a deep understanding of the concept of a trinomial, and of the outcome of cubing a trinomial.

Please enjoy the new video, "The Trinomial Cube and Humanity's Ancient Myths," and please feel free to share it with anyone who may benefit from its message.