I recently saw the following notification from Graham Hancock about a health issue facing John Anthony West, the pioneering "rogue Egyptologist" whose work has been foundational to the ongoing paradigm shift in understanding of humanity's ancient past, and John's need for help in his pursuit of treatments not covered by insurance plans:

It has become increasingly obvious that the body of evidence supports a very different view of human history than that advanced by conventional academia and by the organs of political and economic power which support and reinforce the proponents of the conventional view. The decades-long work and brilliant insights of the indefatigable John West have been and continue to be absolutely essential in exposing the flaws in the conventional ways of looking at ancient Egypt and in opening up new perspectives on Egypt -- and on humanity's ancient past.

You can search through this blog using the internal "search" function to find many, many posts in which I have made reference to his insights and his work. One of my favorites is this one from 2013, entitled "John Anthony West on creativity, discipline, and consciousness."

Another is this more recent post tracing some of the outcomes of questions he began asking publicly in the 1970s, which have changed the way we view the timeline of ancient history, and which have continued to be vindicated by startling new discoveries in the decades since.

If you are able to do so, please consider making a donation to help pay for the treatment that he is pursuing at the John Anthony West Project.

And, you might also consider sending a note of encouragement, as well as seeking help from the Invisible Realm, through prayer, meditation, chanting, or drumming -- or whichever you prefer of the many other ways available to us to avail ourselves of the connection to the Infinite, to which we have access at all times, according to the message repeated over and over in all of the ancient wisdom preserved in the myths and sacred traditions around the globe.

Please also send some good vibrations directed to his wife Celesta, son Zeke and daughter Zoe.

Stay strong, John! Your friends are with you!