The New Academy of Celestial Mythology & Ancient Wisdom commences this Saturday, October 14 with a live, three-hour web-based course on the celestial mythology of the Bible.

I will be leading the discussion and using visual images, diagrams, star charts, and planetarium software to help explain how the system works, how specific stories and characters in the scriptures of the Old and New Testament correspond to constellations and other heavenly bodies, and how those celestial actors relate to the profound message contained in the ancient texts.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, and by the end of the class you should be equipped to begin to converse with the ancient myths yourself in the language that they are actually speaking, as well as to see connections between the stories and figures found in the Bible and those found in the other amazing ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories from around the world.

You will also see the stars in a new light the next time you are able to go out and view the heavens in person.

To reserve your place in the course, please visit the sign-up page here.

The live class will begin this Saturday at 10am Pacific time, which is the same as 1pm Eastern time and 5pm (1700) UTC.