Here is a new video I made for you entitled "Heaven and Hell are celestial metaphors describing the Endless Circle of the Zodiac Wheel."

It discusses the abundant evidence which points to the conclusion that the scriptures of the Bible, in common with virtually all the other ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories found in cultures around the globe, are built on a foundation of celestial metaphor and use the heavenly cycles of the sun, the moon, the visible planets, and the stars and constellations to convey profound truths about the interaction of the Visible and Invisible Realms, the interaction of the physical and spiritual natures, and the journey of our soul down from the realm of pure potentiality and into this incarnate form through which we are all presently sojourning.

The video presents the crucially-important framework expounded by Alvin Boyd Kuhn in a short work he titled Easter: The Birth-day of the Gods, a framework which I find to be incredibly helpful in understanding the "code" or "language" employed by the ancient myths in order to convey their profound message and meaning.

We will see how this framework, and the understanding of the connections between specific characters and episodes in the Bible and specific constellations in the night sky, helps us to hear the profound message in some selected stories of the Old and New Testaments, in my upcoming 90-minute interactive webinar class entitled "Celestial Foundations of Biblical Mythology" (hosted by Ananda University).

In order to receive a 50% discount from the price of that class, enter the coupon code found in the "Video" section of the Star Myth World website when you sign up for your space in the course.

I hope to see you there.

More importantly, I hope that the information about the celestial foundations of the world's ancient myths and scriptures -- including those contained in what we call the Bible -- will help anyone who struggles with the fear of eternal punishment in an afterlife realm called "hell" and based on a literalistic interpretation of ancient scriptures which are actually speaking an esoteric and celestial language.

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