Thank you to Richard Hoagland and team for inviting me over to the Other Side of Midnightshow for a special Christmas Eve discussion of the connection between the world's ancient wisdom and the heavenly cycles of the stars and planets. Thanks also to one of the regular listeners and contributors to that show who recommended me as a guest for a Christmas Eve special.

Welcome to new visitors to this site who learned about it through last night's (this morning's) interview!

You can listen to a replay of our conversation the show by going to this webpage and clicking on the triangular "play" button.

You can also use the embedded audio player below:

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Wherever you decide to listen to the interview, you'll want to refer to the eight slides which are posted in the "Radio in Pictures" section of the Other Side of Midnight website containing visual references for the discussion of the Visit of the Magi (Star of Bethlehem) episode found in the second chapter of the canonical Gospel According to Matthew. 

Regular visitors to this blog will be familiar with my explication of that particular gospel episode, which is based upon the analysis presented by the Reverend Robert Taylor (1784 - 1844) in a series of lectures given in November of 1830 and transcribed in the collection published under the title The Devil's Pulpit in 1857 (links to an online edition of that text and the other collection of his lectures which is entitled Astronomico-Theological Lectures can both be found on the "Resources" page of my main website at starmythworld.com).

In particular, there is a video containing discussion of the Visit of the Magi passages from Matthew 2 in the recent Skies Over Grimerica segment for December 2017 which can be viewed here.

However, even if you are familiar with previous discussions of the Matthew 2 episode, you may want to give a listen to last night's (this morning's) interview for some of the other subjects we discussed in our wide-ranging conversation.

Below are a few helpful links to previous posts which go deeper into some of the concepts touched on during the interview:

Obviously, there are points regarding the narrative of humanity's ancient history upon which Richard Hoagland and I would disagree, but everyone must agree that Richard was an extremely gracious host and that the entire interview was very positive, as was the Q&A discussion at the end of the interview portion, and I felt very welcomed by Richard and his entire team. I'm grateful for the opportunity to present my research to those who may not have heard about it before and who might find it helpful to their own lives and their own interaction with the world's ancient wisdom, preserved in the precious inheritance of humanity's myths, scriptures and sacred stories. 

I am convinced that the ancient myths contain wisdom that is intended for the benefit of all men and women, wisdom that is sorely needed in the perilous times in which we presently live, when deception is deliberately employed as a tool to prevent the majority of the people from seeing what is really going on in the world.