Above is a new video I have just published, entitled "All the World's Myths are Written in the Stars."

Many readers will recall that after a recent podcast interview with Alex Tsakiris on Skeptiko, I participated in a forum on the Skeptiko message boards. Because many in that audience had not been previously exposed to or familiar with my work, I found that many comments expressed the sentiment that they were having a difficult time getting a general understanding of the overall thesis that I am advancing. 

Although I have now written several books containing thousands of pages, and a blog containing over nine hundred posts, that obviously doesn't constitute an easy-to-grasp summary (one can hardly be expected to wade through all of the blog posts in order to find out!). 

There is, of course, plenty of sample content to explore on the "Books" page linked above, including the introductory material from each book (just click on any of the book-cover images on that page, or on the links provided below the cover-images). 

There is also a "Myths" page with links to numerous individual myths from around the world, as well and to discussion of the celestial foundations of each of those myths (now up to forty-one examples linked from that page).

And, of course, there is a "Videos" page with links to videos in which I attempt to explain various aspects of the ancient system of celestial metaphor which underlies all the world's ancient myths and sacred stories.

Nevertheless, some readers suggested adding a kind of "introductory" and summary video, to help give a general vision of the overall theory. I agreed that something like a "TED talk" video would probably be helpful for those unfamiliar with this subject -- and that, while we're waiting for the people over at TED to get one of those queued-up (don't hold your breath), I would think about trying to put together an introductory video that might help to provide some overall context in a fairly efficient manner.

Above is one attempt to do so -- although the subject matter is admittedly vast and deep and thus difficult to summarize in one sitting.

Nevertheless, I hope that it will be helpful and beneficial.

Please feel free to share and to provide feedback! Thanks for watching.