I'm very pleased to announce the arrival of my latest book, Astrotheology for Life: Unlocking the Esoteric Wisdom of Ancient Myth.

You can see sample content by visiting the "Books" section of my main website, Star Myth World (dot com). 

This book aims to explore the system of celestial metaphor upon which virtually all of the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are founded -- a concept sometimes referred to as "astrotheology" -- and also to explore how their ancient wisdom applies to our lives today. I am convinced that in order to begin to understand their message, it is important to approach the myths in the language that they are speaking.

To that end, I have arranged the discussions in Astrotheology for Life by "myth-pattern" (sometimes referred to as "oicotype"). As most of those who have studied myths from around the world soon begin to realize, certain themes or patterns can be found in myths from cultures which are widely separated from one another on our planet (and indeed separated from one another, apparently, by time as well). Some of these myth patterns which are explored in some detail in the book include:

  • The baby cast adrift in the water -- typically in a river and sometimes in the sea
  • The crossing of a Great Flood, one of the most prevalent patterns in ancient myth
  • Stories involving a woman or a goddess who must be made to smile, or who smiles and then denies it
  • The retrieval of the beloved from the realm of the dead, usually an unsuccessful retrieval (such as we find in the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, a pattern which is extremely widespread)
  • And stories involving a "failed baptism," in which a baby is dipped in fire or in water intended to make the child immortal or invulnerable to weapons, but the outcome of which is typically unsuccessful.

By looking at patterns of myth, and then discussing the likely celestial analogues upon which these specific stories are built, as well as the possible esoteric messages which the stories in these myth-patterns may be intended to convey, the hope is that the reader will begin to develop "pattern recognition" in the exploration of ancient myth, so that you can approach them for yourself, directly.

The book also discusses the probability that the presence of these worldwide patterns in the myths may point to the existence of an extremely ancient culture of great spiritual sophistication, predating all known civilizations under the conventional academic paradigm, and completely upending that paradigm of ancient human history.

The book is entitled Astrotheology for Life because I am quite convinced that the ancient myths and their profound wisdom have direct applications for our lives today. 

And not only for our individual lives: I am also convinced that many of the grave problems we face in the world today are a direct result of being "cut off" from the ancient wisdom which was entrusted to all humanity in the form of the ancient myths. Reconnecting with this ancient wisdom may be vital in making choices that will result in life for future generations.

For this book, I developed a new way of displaying the star-charts in black and white, so that they will be highly visible and helpful, and also so that the cost of the book can be kept down (color images cost more money to produce in a book). Astrotheology for Life contains over fifty illustrations and labeled star-charts along with clear and systematic explanation showing how the ancient myths and myth-patterns are built on the cycles of the heavens, and how to interpret their message for yourself.

I hope that the message inside will be a blessing to you in some way.