Above is a new video just published, entitled "A lesson from Odysseus." 

This video is a project I was working on towards the end of May (2017) in response to a question sent to me via Facebook from a reader who had recently finished The Undying Stars, and who asks: "how exactly, in themselves does the power of the zodiacal constellations manifest 'in man'?"

This question is an excellent one, and concerns a very important subject. To try to begin to answer it, I consult a passage in the Odyssey, in which Odysseus receives inspiration from the goddess Athena. Because ultimately, as you will hear in my answer to that question, I believe that the constellations act as visible representatives for the powers in the Infinite and Invisible realm -- and that they take on the role of the gods and goddesses, although I do not believe the constellations are the gods themselves.

Undoubtedly, there are many, many layers involved in the answer to this question. And I am convinced that these layers of understanding are available to us by going to the ancient myths themselves, and listening to them in the language that they are actually speaking, which (at least on one level) is a language of celestial metaphor.

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Ultimately, I believe that the ancient knowledge contained in the myths is wonderful to learn on an intellectual level, but that it is really intended for us to put into practice in our daily lives. The "Lesson from Odysseus" described in the video above is, I believe, a very profound lesson, and one which involves bringing the power of the senses, the body, and the mind into control -- and one which the world's ancient myths and sacred traditions describe as requiring receptivity to inspiration from the Infinite, to which we actually have access at all times.

And because that receptivity does not always come naturally to all of us, many disciplines and practices have been passed down since ancient times in order to help facilitate greater integration with and sensitivity to the Invisible and Infinite realm -- among these we might include meditation, chanting, recitation of mantras, practices such as Yoga, and many others, some of which are discussed in my most-recent book, Astrotheology for Life (which, as its title implies, explores some of the ways that we can apply the wisdom contained in the ancient myths to our lives today).

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