Above is a new video I've just posted, entitled "The Ark: Found! In the heavens." ***

If you are curious about the identity, location, and ongoing importance of the ark described in the ancient scriptures, this video presents abundant evidence which argues that the ark is still very much in existence -- and that it is available to find by those who look for it, and contains a message for our benefit and blessing in this incarnate life through which we all are traveling.

As with the other Star Myths that I examine, I believe that its message is primarily a spiritual one, and that it is for all people. Unfortunately, when the world's ancient myths are "literalized" their message is often inverted into a message that divides people into different groups, instead of realizing that they are depicting for us the actual situation of each and every human soul, the reality of the realm of pure potentiality (the realm of spirit, the realm of the infinite: the realm of the gods), and the importance of recognizing the true situation and acting appropriately to elevate the awareness of the realm of spirit in ourselves and in others (rather than focusing on the physical externalities that are so often used to divide people from one another, to put them down, and even to exploit or oppress others).

I hope that this discussion of the ongoing significance of the sacred and awe-inspiring ark of the covenant will be a blessing to you in some way.

*** Note: If you are having any trouble seeing the video on YouTube, such as seeing an "Unavailable" message on the video, you can view the same video on the Vimeo platform by following this link or clicking "play" on the video below.