Here's a brand-new video illustrating the "Astrotheology of the Vision of Ezekiel: Wheels within Wheels."

The Vision of Ezekiel, in which the "heavens opened" and the prophet says he was granted "visions of God" is an extremely important passage in the Hebrew Scriptures, aka the "Old Testament." The new video illustrates the evidence that the passage known to us as Ezekiel's Vision -- which includes a whirlwind from the north, a great cloud, a fire "infolding itself" or "catching itself," the likeness of four living creatures with an appearance like lamps or burning coals of fire, wheels lifted up from the earth, with an appearance as it were "a wheel in the middle of a wheel" -- represents a description of the awesome celestial mechanics which create the heavenly cycles, albeit a description clothed in metaphor and fantastical language.

The fact that Ezekiel's vision of the heavens opening can be shown to be built upon celestial metaphor constitutes powerful evidence that the episodes and characters in the ancient scriptures that have come to be known as the Bible were not intended to be understood as literal terrestrial history but rather that they are composed of esoteric metaphor. Further, Ezekiel's vision was understood even in ancient times -- and even by staunch early Christian literalists -- to exhibit important connections to the four gospels of the New Testament, which themselves have for centuries been associated with the four faces described in the likeness of the living creatures in Ezekiel's vision: the face of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. Thus, we see additional confirmation that the scriptures we call the Bible are built upon celestial metaphor practically from first to last, in both the Old and New Testaments (so-called).

This fact, that the Bible can be shown to be built upon celestial metaphor, connects the scriptures of the Old and New Testament to virtually all of the other ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories from other cultures around the globe, on every inhabited continent and island of our planet, which can also be shown to be built upon the very same esoteric system.  This connection and this understanding should unite humanity. Tragically, literalistic interpretations tend towards the division of humanity, because literalistic interpretations tend to "externalize" and "physicalize" the ancient myths and sacred stories, leading towards divisions between those who accept this literalistic interpretation versus that one, and between those supposedly descended from this character versus from that one (when the characters themselves can be shown to have been celestial metaphor from the beginning).

The fact that the world's myths can be shown to share a common system of allegory, and one with a level of specificity that argues against its development in cultures without contact with one another, also has tremendous ramifications for our understanding of humanity's ancient past. As this video explains (and as I have explained in other previous posts such as this one), I do not believe that the ancient myths, including the account of Ezekiel, describe contact with or sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft or beings. However, it is evident that the world's myths share a common system, and what's more that this system can be shown to have been fully mature and fully developed before the creation of some of the earliest surviving ancient texts we have available, such as the Pyramid Texts of ancient Egypt or the clay tablets of ancient Mesopotamia containing the Gilgamesh cycle, among others. From this fact, we can conclude that this ancient system predates the earliest civilizations known to or admitted by conventional academic historians -- earlier than the civilizations of ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient China, ancient India, and the ancient Indus-Saraswati civilization.

There are many other ramifications of this astonishing worldwide evidence found in humanity's ancient myth, too many to list here, but one important aspect is that as we learn to understand this ancient language or code, we can begin to perceive the profound wisdom which the world's sacred stories were intended to preserve and convey. I believe our ability to hear their message is greatly enhanced as we begin to listen to them in the language which they are actually speaking -- which is a celestial language, a language of the heavenly cycles governing the sun, moon, visible planets, and especially the stars and constellations. The points on these cycles were invested with meaning in the code or language of the ancient myths -- corresponding to aspects of our own physical and spiritual journey. Thus, as we learn to converse with the myths in the language which they are actually speaking, we can go to them for wisdom that applies to our own sojourn through this incarnate life.

I hope that this new video illustrating the celestial aspects of the famous Vision of Ezekiel will be a blessing to you.

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