Above is a new video that I just published to help reach those who may be interested in participating in an upcoming course in the New Academy of Celestial Mythology and Ancient Wisdom.

In addition, I'm making a few significant changes to the curriculum, in order to help make it more affordable. 

I've found a web conferencing tool which enables me to offer each course to forty-nine participants instead of only twenty-four. This will enable me to lower the price of each course to $36 (USD) instead of $72 (USD). 

Additionally, while cutting the price in half, I am also reducing the "footprint" of each course, in order to help with scheduling issues. Instead of making each course consist of three two-hour sessions on three successive Saturdays, each course will now consist of a single three-hour session on just one Saturday. That way, there is less likelihood that a course will conflict with other commitments that you already have on your calendar.

Finally, if referring to these courses as the "New Academy of Celestial Mythology and Ancient Wisdom" is too much of a mouthful, you are also welcome to think of them as being part of a "Department of Astrotheology" at a delightful college or university.

As far as I am aware, there are no colleges or universities anywhere which offer courses in the ancient language of the stars which underlies the world's myths, scriptures and sacred stories. That's one of the reasons I am creating this New Academy of Celestial Mythology and Ancient Wisdom

Or "Department of Astrotheology" if you prefer.

Here is the link to the page listing the three different courses currently available, as well as PayPal "buttons" which you can use to reserve your space in any one of them (note that you do not need to use PayPal in order to reserve a space in a course -- there is also an option to use any major credit or debit card when you hit the "Buy Now" button: just look below the brighter and more colorful "PayPal" option on the page after you hit the "Buy Now" button).

I hope that you can join me in an upcoming course!