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Big thank you to legendary broadcaster Howard Hughes for graciously having me over to his show The Unexplained -- with Howard Hughes.

This interview was recorded on September 18, 2017.

Howard Hughes is a longtime broadcast journalist and well-known news and sports radio personality in England, who currently has regular shows on the BBC. He is also a pioneering podcaster who took his own successful show exploring the mysterious, the paranormal and the unexplained over to the new medium of the podcast in 2006.

To put that in perspective, that was the year before the debut of the very first version of the iPhone! Nobody even had a smartphone when Howard started his podcast, in other words. The term "smartphone" had not even been invented. The closest thing anyone had at that time to a smartphone was a Blackberry, which featured a prominent keypad and no touchscreen -- and no ability to download something called a "podcast" either.

You can still go back into the archives of The Unexplained and listen to the first episode of the podcast, in which Howard and various guests discuss this new medium of "podcasting."

You can listen to our conversation by using the player on the episode or "edition" 311 page -- or download the audio file by using a "right-click" or a "control-click" on the "Download MP3" link found on that page (and reproduced here as well).

Big welcome, also, to all new visitors who are arriving at this site for the first time due to hearing the interview on The Unexplained!

A one-hour show is, unfortunately, not enough time to really present all the amazing evidence which argues that virtually all of the world's ancient myths -- from every inhabited continent and island, and including the stories in what we call "the Bible," as well as the myths of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient India, and many others that have been preserved in ancient texts that we can still examine today -- are speaking a common language based on celestial metaphor, in order to convey esoteric truths for our benefit.

It's especially difficult because I tend to jump on to a new thought before I've finished articulating the previous thought, which can be difficult to those not familiar with the overarching thesis and the abundant evidence that supports it (much of it visual evidence, because it involves the outlines of the constellations and the motions of the heavenly cycles -- which can be difficult to envision in an audio-only conversation).

Therefore, I'm including some links below to previous blog posts related to some of the subjects we touched on in our interview.

For regular readers, I'd like to point out that one of the aspects of Howard's interview style which I learned to appreciate while listening to earlier shows previous to our conversation is the fact that Howard often likes to present objections to the arguments his guests are advancing, which has the effect of adding rigor to the discussion. Perhaps in future blog posts I will circle back and address some of those objections with evidence or arguments that I didn't include during the show itself.

I absolutely believe that raising objections is an extremely valuable aspect of an interview -- especially because listeners who might be thinking of those same objections are dependent upon the interviewer to articulate them. Many of these objections, if answered properly, can actually open the door to perspectives on the thesis that show how very well-supported it is by the available evidence -- and how this evidence has enormous implications for our understanding of human history, and for our lives today (including questions of economic and political importance that we are facing at this particular moment).

In addition to the suggested blog posts below, new visitors might also find it worthwhile to check out my main website, starmythworld.com, especially the sections "The Myths" and "Video."

Here is a selection of just a few previous posts that might help expand upon some of the subjects Howard and I covered in our conversation. Those looking for more can follow the links in those posts, and can also use the "search" function to look for any word or topic of interest throughout the nearly 1,000 blog posts published thus far!

So, welcome to all those visiting for the first time -- and to returning friends! I hope you'll stay in touch, and come again soon.