Here is a new video that I just published entitled "Shipwrecks and Stars: from the Depths of the Sea to the Oceans Above."

The video explores the amazing and recently-published discovery of the oldest intact shipwreck in the world, a ship from ancient Greece found at the bottom of the Black Sea by the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project.

Articles discussing this extremely significant find can be found herehereherehere and here (among other places on the web).

The ship, which has been dated as being about 2,400 years old, has drawn numerous comparisons to the ship depicted on the famous Siren Vase, which depicts a scene from the Odyssey in which Odysseus and his companions must pass by the island of the Sirens, supernatural beings who lure sailors to their deaths with bewitching songs.

The video discusses this comparison, and its significance, in light of the fact that ancient myth from around the world (including this episode from the Odyssey) can be shown to be based upon a common esoteric system of celestial metaphor -- and the fact that ancient artists appear to have encoded such celestial metaphor into their art as well.

image: Wikimedia commons (  link  ).

image: Wikimedia commons (link).