I've just created a new video, entitled "Ancient Wisdom Hidden in the Stars: Internal Access to the Infinite Realm" in which I show the full-screen version of the presentation that I prepared for my recent conversation with Derek Lambert and Dr. Luther G. Williams of the WaterBoyZ podcast

The video of the conversation with Derek and Luther can be found here, and I recommend watching the interview because a conversation can bring out aspects of and perspectives upon a subject that don't always arise in a monologue video. 

However, for those wanting to see the visuals that I was presenting and discussing during that interview, in a full-screen format that is easier to see than the presentation in the above interview, please follow the above link and watch the new video, which covers much of that same material (while presenting a few insights which even regular visitors might not have heard previously).

I am convinced that one of the truths which the ancient wisdom of the myths and scriptures from cultures around the world are designed to convey is the awareness that we ourselves already have access to the Infinite Realm, which means that everything we need — far from being external to us — is available to us at all times.

I hope the message in the video will be a blessing to you.