The Pylos Combat Agate brings an astonishing message from 3,500 years ago.

Above is a new video I've just made, entitled "The Pylos Combat Agate among the Infinite Realms," exploring the celestial correspondences in the incredible artwork on this recently-revealed treasure from humanity's ancient past -- as well as discussing their possible significance.

I hope you will enjoy this video, which delves into the discovery of this amazing gem, and the long-forgotten tomb of the Griffin Warrior in which the Pylos Agate lay, accumulating grime and mineral deposits, for over thirty-five centuries.

Previous discussions of this extremely significant archaeological find include:


Additionally, articles I've written about this extraordinary new discovery have been published at Ancient Origins, here: "Is this Minoan artistic marvel a miniaturization of the heavens?"

and at Graham Hancock's website, here: "The Dust of Centuries: Celestial Iconography in the Pylos Combat Agate."

I hope you will enjoy this brand-new video regarding the celestial connections, and profound significance, of the Pylos Agate. After making the video, I realized that video may be the preferred medium for exploring some of the staggering connections between this ancient masterpiece and the infinite realm of the heavens, and the significance of these connections for our understanding of our  own ancient history, and our understanding of the simultaneously spiritual and material world through which we are all traveling in this incarnate life.

Vimeo version: