What is myth?

--> Is myth a form of historical record? Perhaps a "euhemerized" version of history in which historical figures are transformed over time into mythological characters, and even into gods?

--> Or, is myth a remnant of humanity's "pre-scientific" attempts to understand and explain the natural world -- resorting to superstition because "science" was beyond their grasp?

--> Or, perhaps myth is an ancient form of the "opiate of the masses" (or "opiate of the people") -- an early and effective form of "mind control" designed to enslave, oppress, and subdue using belief.

In my latest video, "What is Myth," I explore this question and endeavor to demonstrate that myth is actually none of the above -- that all of the above explanations fall terribly short of the truth, and that the answer is so much bigger and more amazing than any of them (so big, in fact, that we cannot adequately get to the bottom of what myth really is).