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On June 5th, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy (born 1925) was brutally murdered after securing a decisive victory in the Democratic Party primaries, indicating the overwhelming will of the people to see him run as the candidate for President in the election to be held later that year -- an election which by nearly all accounts he would very likely have won.

He was shot just after midnight at the start of 5th of June, and died in the early hours of the 6th of June, at 1:44 am.

Overwhelming evidence demonstrates that the official story regarding the details of the assassination, as the work of Sirhan Sirhan (born 1944) acting alone, is a lie. 

Nevertheless, this fabrication -- which is totally unsupported by the facts of the case -- continues to be repeated to this day, fifty years later (it is stated matter-of-factly as the only offered explanation on the Wikipedia entry about Senator Kennedy's life and death, for example).

The documentary entitled The Second Gun, published in 1973 by Ted Charach (1931 - 2013), provides numerous pieces of evidence pointing to more than one shooter, and a subsequent cover-up of that evidence (including the removal of ceiling panels from the scene of the crime). This documentary can be seen in full below: if you have never seen it, or even if you have, you should watch it again and judge for yourself whether the "official narrative," which continues to be foisted upon the world to this day, is at all credible:

The implications of this evidence and this case -- of the murder of an elected Senator and popular candidate for President -- are obviously enormous, and of continuing vital importance to this very day.

Here is a link to a recent interview with Civil Rights Attorney William Pepper, who discusses the evidence that the official story is a lie, that Sirhan was a pawn in a much larger plot, that none of the shots fired by Sirhan hit Bobby Kennedy at all but that instead Kennedy was deliberately shot from behind at close range by a "bodyguard" -- and that Sirhan was very likely drugged and in a hypnotic trance at the time of the shooting and unaware of what was actually taking place.

William Pepper also describes the stonewalling that his formal legal attempts to file briefs to appeal in order to reopen the case have received from the judicial system in the united states, which in itself is an extraordinarily important piece of evidence to consider and one with grave implications.

William Pepper, of course, is the attorney who represented the family of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929 - 1968) in the civil trial that in 1999 led to the unanimous conclusion that certain elements, including governmental agencies, participated in a conspiracy to murder Dr. King.

That earth-shaking verdict also continues to be ignored by the controlled media, and knowledge of the overwhelming evidence contained in the transcripts of that trial continues to be actively suppressed in this country and elsewhere. For more on that verdict, and links to those transcripts, see this post entitled "The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

In this previous post, reflecting on the murder of Bobby Kennedy's older brother John F. Kennedy in 1963, I cited the quotation by scholar and teacher Peter Kingsley, who said of the prophets of ancient Greece as well as those of other ancient cultures:

Prophecy is not about the future. Prophets don't talk about the future. What they do is: they talk about the past -- which has been hidden. Things that have happened -- that have been covered over, and no longer clear. That is what the real prophets do: they speak about the past, but the past that has been forgotten.

The ancient myths provide numerous examples which teach us that until certain wrongs from the past which have been covered over are recognized and dealt with, they will continue to haunt the present and their consequences will continue to grow.

In the Iliad, for example, the fleet of the Achaean forces at Aulis is stranded and cannot move forward until the transgressions of Agamemnon against the goddess Artemis are acknowledged and corrected.

There will be no favorable winds until the past is faced and the transgressions which continue to be suppressed, denied, and covered-up are brought to light and dealt with.

Continuing to propagate the lies about the murder of Robert F. Kennedy -- fully fifty years later -- constitutes a grave insult to his life, and to heaven itself.

The ongoing cover-up, and the refusal of the judicial system to grant appellant briefs, represent additional affronts and crimes which must also be faced and brought into the light.

These are obviously extremely serious matters for all of humanity, with the most dire implications for every man, woman and child on earth. Continuing to simply ignore them would be extremely unwise.

The ill winds which have already been blowing in the period since these wrongs first took place should now be evident to everyone.