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image: Wikimedia commons (link).

Happy birthday to inspired Funk messenger, songwriter, producer, and creative genius George Clinton! born this day -- July 22 -- in 1941.

The music of Parliament and Funkadelic continues to testify -- for nearly fifty years and still going strong -- to liberation over repression, truth over the syndrome, and the irresistible unstoppable power of funky music. 

And, at the heart of the message of Funk is that you already have a connection to the Funk deep inside you -- you just have to get in touch with it and let it come out, in a world that does everything it can to get you to "fake the funk" instead (or to "trade your Funk for what's behind the third door").

"Ride On" (1975) proclaims: "It ain't what you know -- it's what you feel: Don't worry about being right -- just be for real."
"Flash Light" (1977) proclaims: "Most of all he needs the Funk: help him find the Funk," and "Everybody's got a little light, Under the Sun, Under the Sun, Under the Sun." 
"Deep" (1978) proclaims: "Everybody is deep! Everybody is deep!"

George Clinton's genius uses music to convey this vital message -- but he doesn't stop there: his genius is also to use drama (including memorable funky and un-funky characters, conflicts, and humorous dialogue) to play it out before our eyes (or in our mind's eye).

Below is an incredible twenty-eight minute version of "Flash Light" (complete with inspired musicianship) in which George Clinton leads and coordinates the action -- and in which Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk finds his inner Funk (with the help of the Bop Gun):

So wherever you are, raise a toast to George Clinton ("I'll toast to that! I'll toast to that! We'll Funk to that! Bottoms up!")  --

Happy birthday, Dr. Funkenstein! Keep on spreading your funky message to the world!