I've just posted a new video entitled "Seeing the Star Myths: Aquila, Cygnus, and Delphinus."

This is the fourth video in a series intended to help more people to become familiar with the outlines of the constellations, to find the constellations in the night sky, and to more easily recognize the references to specific constellations in the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories.

Previous videos in this series include:


This video describes the outline and location of the mythologically-important constellations of Aquila the Eagle, Cygnus the Swan, and Delphinus the Dolphin, as well as touching briefly upon some ancient myths in which one or more of these constellations plays a role, such as some of the episodes in the cycle of myths surrounding the god Dionysus.

I hope these videos will be helpful for seeing the constellations in the night sky -- and in your mind's eye -- and for better understanding the celestial language being spoken by the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories, and thereby to better understand their vital message for each of us today.

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image: Wikimedia commons (  link  ).

image: Wikimedia commons (link).