The earth is hurtling towards the point of September equinox for 2018, which is the fall (or autumnal) equinox for the northern hemisphere of our planet.

We will pass through the point of equinox at 6:54 pm Pacific time on September 22, 2018. That is 9:54 pm Eastern time (also on September 22), and 2:54 am on September 23 Greenwich Mean Time (which is also the UTC for the worldwide time standard).

The points of equinox, and especially the fall equinox, play an important role in the world's ancient wisdom contained in the myths, scriptures and sacred stories of virtually every culture on our planet. The fall equinox was used to convey profound truths about our plunge downwards into this incarnate life, and into the seemingly material realm through which we all are sojourning.

For more on the ways that the ancient myths relate to the cycles of the heavens, and in particular the cycle of earth's relationship to the sun, see for example this previous post.

In preparation for this year's equinox, I've just posted a new video entitled "Meet the Gods in the Stars, Part 3: Virgo." This video follows the previous two videos in the same series,

The constellation Virgo is also an exceedingly important celestial figure in the world's ancient Star Myths, and literally hundreds of other connections could be profitably examined having to do with this constellation in the night sky. However, the goal of this new series of videos is to keep them relatively short and more focused than previous videos -- as well as to help viewers to envision the outlines of the constellations and to become more familiar with them.

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