Here's a brand-new video I just published entitled "Perseus, Medusa, and You."

It examines some of the evidence which shows that not only are the world's ancient myths built on a foundation of celestial metaphor, in which virtually all of the characters and episodes correspond to specific constellations and their heavenly cycles, but also that the original antecedent of the metaphors have their source and origin in the invisible realm, the infinite realm -- the realm of the gods.

The stories are not simply "based on the constellations" -- the celestial metaphor originates in the unseen realm, which is then mapped onto the constellations, which themselves (because they occupy the infinite realm of the heavens above) are perfect for helping us to "see" the realities of that Invisible Realm.

In this new video, I explore some of the aspects of the myth of Perseus, Medusa, and the Gorgons to demonstrate that the details of the story originate in the celestial realm -- but that beyond their correspondence to the constellations in the night sky, the figures in this well-known myth convey powerful truths regarding our own situation in this incarnate life, and regarding our own relationship to the realm of the infinite, which is in fact always present, always available, and indeed absolutely necessary to us as we navigate the pitfalls of life in the seemingly-material plane.

Please feel free to share with those who would find this information to be interesting and helpful!