Big thank-you to Darren Grimes and Graham Dunlop, the hosts of the successful Grimerica Show podcast, who have assembled a new team to launch a brand-new podcast in addition to the Grimerica Show entitled "13 Questions to be a Better Man," in which they explore questions of "manhood in the digital age."

The podcast is born out of a desire to provide perspectives on difficult questions we face during this particular time in history, and hearing heartfelt answers from a wide variety of guests can be quite eye-opening and very helpful, and something that I think would be of interest to all men and women, even though they are tackling these subjects from a "modern manhood" perspective.

Their plan is to interview a wide variety of guests while asking the same "13 Questions." Above is an interview with Christian Takes Gun Parrish, the artist and Native American dancer Supaman, answering the 13 Questions with Darren and Graham in the second-ever episode of the new show. Below is a video of Supaman with world champion dancer Acosia Red Elk (White Swan Rising from the Water) dancing to Supaman's song "Why."

I hope you will check out the new 13 Questions Podcast. Even if you don't agree with every single point of view offered by every guest on the program (and it would be impossible for everyone to agree with everyone else on these questions), I believe that Darren and Graham and team are providing a really valuable new forum that can really change lives. The podcast lets you hear a wide variety of people pondering difficult questions and offering things they have learned in these different areas from their own varied life experiences. Gaining just one new perspective or one new thing to try from each interview would make listening to that interview worthwhile, even if you disagreed with everything else!

I was humbled to be asked to be on the show as they were launching the podcast. These aren't easy questions to answer! Looking back since the interview, I have thought of many other things I could have said in answer to some of the questions, but hopefully something here or there in my interview will be helpful to someone. More importantly, I think what is most valuable about this podcast is to listen to it as a kind of a tapestry or "quilt" in which all the pieces add up to something bigger than any of the individual strands or squares.

Links to add the show to your regular line-up of podcasts to listen to are below. There is a subscription option that is explained at the beginning of each show, offering extended content, a regular newsletter, valuable online courses, and (most valuable of all) the opportunity to record your own interview asking the 13 Questions to someone you respect, and send the interview in to the 13 Questions team to be shared with the world.

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