Today is the March equinox for 2019, when the earth will hurtle past the point of being exactly "broadsides" to the sun, if imagined as an old sailing ship with the prow at the north pole and the stern at the south pole.

At that moment, the ecliptic path of the sun will cross the celestial equator (the projection of earth's equator into the heavens) on the way "back up" for those in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of the "upper half" of the year after which daylight hours will be longer than darkness hours (on the way to the longest day of the year, the summer solstice).

The equinox days were obviously very important to ancient cultures around the world, which incorporated equinox features into monuments which still stand today, such as the so-called "El Castillo" pyramid or Pyramid of Kukulkan at the Maya site of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula of modern Mexico, shown above, which is precisely oriented to produce the famous "descent of the god Kukulcan" in the form of a serpent of light on the two equinoctial days each year.

Another example is found on the island of Malta, with the mysterious and extremely ancient stone structures at Mnajdra, aligned to produce sunrise light effects on the morning of each equinox, as well as different effects on the mornings of the summer and winter solstices, shown in the video embedded below, and in a video below that showing a model of the complex as it is illuminated on those important days:

Many other ancient structures around the globe incorporate equinoctial and solstitial alignments (as well as alignments marking other significant days of the year), including the passage mounds of the Boyne River Valley in Ireland, the famous megalithic circles of Stonehenge, certain of the designs at Nazca created by the Nazca Lines, some of the mounds found in North America including the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, and others too numerous to list here.

The world's ancient myths also encode references to the solstices and equinoxes as part of an esoteric "language" intended to convey profound truths for our benefit and blessing. Previous posts discussing the esoteric significance with which the annual cycle of the year was imbued in this ancient worldwide system include:

(among many others)

The worldwide network of aligned structures speaks to the likelihood of the existence of an extremely ancient culture, now unknown to the conventional paradigm of human history, which may have been fragmented in a catastrophe of some sort, prior to any of the most ancient civilizations known to us today. 

The worldwide system of myth, based upon celestial metaphor and employing a common system of envisioning the constellations, speaking the "same language," as it were, provides very powerful additional confirmatory evidence that our understanding of our own ancient past is gravely flawed and in need of radical revision.

I am convinced that these ancient myths present for our deeper understanding a message we desperately need to this very day. It is a message which involves reconnecting with our own divided mind, and with the wider realm with which what we often refer to as our "subconscious" appears to be intimately connected, as discussed in previous posts such as this one and this one.

I hope that on this day, when the great heavenly cycles bring the ecliptic path back above the celestial equator (for the northern hemisphere), you will have time to reflect upon and reconnect with your own deeper part of your mind, and through it your own unbreakable inner connection to the Infinite realm.