Professor Robert Schoch has been involved in some of the most important research and discoveries over the past twenty-five years regarding the questions of humanity's ancient past, the evidence pointing to the existence of some now-forgotten advanced culture predating those known to (or admitted by) the conventional paradigm of human history, and the likelihood that some terrible worldwide cataclysm struck our planet, separating us from that previous age.

Along with the late John Anthony West, Robert Schoch has written landmark books and has been involved in important documentaries which have raised awareness of this critically important subject and helped inspire others, including myself, to investigate these matters further.

Now, Robert Schoch and friends are planning a brand-new documentary, and have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help get that documentary produced.

I consider Robert Schoch's work to be very important. In fact, I mentioned his work in the previous blog post about the newly-uncovered Ratnagiri petroglyphs in India -- when I wrote that post, I had not yet learned about these documentary plans or the Kickstarter campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about and perhaps helping to fund this important project, entitled "How Old is Human Civilization," just follow that link -- and note that there are some great rewards for donors beginning at the $10 level. Please spread the word to those you know who might be interested in helping make the planned film become a reality!

The documentary appears to have plans to film at sites in Egypt, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and Gobekli Tepe, among other places. I hope Robert and team will have a successful campaign to raise the funds and wish them the best with their upcoming documentary!