Big thank-you to Darren and Graham of the Grimerica Show for having me over for another thought-provoking visit to Grimerica and conversation about myths, stars, books, and everything.

Welcome! to any new visitors who are exploring the Star Myths for the first time after hearing the interview or seeing the video -- as well as to returning friends. 

The interview was recorded and live-streamed on YouTube Live on May 08, 2019. As you can hear from the interview, I prepared a number of images including artwork and star-charts to help illustrate some of the areas of discussion during the talk. 

Unfortunately the live video of the interview itself was somehow lost to history, so I made a shortened version and added-in the images retroactively, and the end result is almost as good as the original! 

The version above, with the images added, is shorter than the original interview, because it is centered on the part of the discussion that addressed the artwork and star-charts. If you want to listen to the entire interview (without the visual aids), you can go to the Grimerica YouTube channel and find the May 08 interview here. You can also go to the Grimerica podcast archive and download the audio file here.

We explored a wide range of subjects during our conversation. Below are a few links to previous posts with more discussion of some of the subjects we touched upon during the show, for those who are interested in exploring further:

I urge everyone to listen to and support non-corporate-controled media as much as possible, including the Good Vibes Land of Grimerica.

Thanks for listening -- please share with others and hope you will visit often!