Here's a new video I just published entitled "Literalism and Alien Contact" which discusses the evidence that at least a large number of the supposed "extraterrestrial contact" stories that have been foisted upon the public in the decades since the end of the Second World War have been deliberate frauds and hoaxes, some of them apparently perpetrated by private groups and some by publicly-funded government agencies.

Note that in the video I explicitly state that I am not arguing that UFOs themselves are all frauds and hoaxes: quite the contrary. However, there has clearly been a concerted and ongoing effort to link "UFOs" and "alien or extraterrestrial craft and activity" in the mind of the general public -- and much of this effort to make UFOs automatically "equal" alien craft and extraterrestrial contact can be shown to be based on deliberate deception.

One of the most common patterns in claims regarding alien contact is that the ancient myths (and the Bible stories in particular) were actually records of literal contact with extraterrestrials, or that the signs and wonders recorded in the Bible were caused by extraterrestrials visiting our planet in ancient times.

This very common claim turns out to be one of the easiest ways to identify a hoax, because (as I have demonstrated with nearly 5,000 published pages containing several hundred images and star-charts, as well as around 1,100 blog posts and several dozen videos) the ancient myths of the world can be conclusively shown to be based on celestial metaphor, and are not records of literal, historical events.

Indeed, as I argue in the above video, at least some of the high-profile "extraterrestrial contact" claims appear to be a deliberate attempt to create a new form of literalism and literalist belief among the general public (coinciding with a widespread decline in acceptance of previous forms of literalist belief, particularly literalist belief based on the ancient stories recorded in the Bible).

Literalism nearly always obscures and can even completely invert the message and purpose of the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories.

Just because ancient myths are not talking about literal, historical, terrestrial events does not mean that they are not true: that they do not contain and convey profound and practical and indispensable truths for our lives, and for our benefit. Quite the contrary! Indeed, Alvin Boyd Kuhn (1885 - 1963) went so far as to proclaim that the world's ancient traditions "are a thousand times more precious as myths than as alleged history" (from Lost Light, published in 1940, page 24; italics in the original).

The ancient myths can be demonstrated to have as one of their central themes the overcoming of trauma and the recovery of the authentic self (which, according to Dr. Gabor Mate, is lost through trauma and in fact is the very definition of trauma).

Along with that comes the elevation of the recognition of the dignity, value, and connectedness of each and every man and woman (and of our connection with Nature and the wider universe, to include the Invisible Realm which is interlaced at every point with our seemingly-material cosmos).

However, someone appears to be going to a lot of effort to ensure that the uplifting and healing message of the ancient myths is not widely understood or available to men and women -- perhaps because by keeping men and women in a state of trauma and alienation, they are easier to exploit, oppress, enslave and impoverish.

This is a very important subject to carefully consider.

Please feel free to share with those who might find this information helpful to their lives.