Big thank-you to Joe Rupe for inviting me back to the Lighting the Void podcast for another memorable conversation about the stars, the ancient myths, and the message they have for us in this very present moment.

Above is an embedded YouTube 'video' of our conversation (it was an audio-only conversation), and you can download the audio file of this episode by visiting the Lighting the Void page on iTunes, or any number of other podcast catchers and podcast distribution sites.

Welcome to any new visitors to this blog who learned about my research via this conversation with Joe! 

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I hope you will enjoy our conversation. During the talk, we also discussed two exciting upcoming events: the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge which is coming up in less than two months in October of 2019 in Newport Beach, California, and the Contact at the Cabin event hosted by the team at Grimerica in April of 2020 in between Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon National Parks in Utah.

Note that if you would like to register for the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, you can enter my last name MATHISEN in the window that says "Enter a Discount Code" on this CPAK registration page and receive $50 off the regular price of attending this three-day seminar.

During this most-recent conversation on Lighting the Void, Joe and I touched on the following subjects -- below are links to some previous blog posts which contain further discussion for those interested in reading or seeing more: