I've just published a brand-new article discussing the worldwide connection between the myths and the stars over at the equally brand-new "Media Rabbit Hole" section of Lost Origins, a terrific podcast hosted by Andrew Tuzson and Christopher "CK" Kingsley focusing on ancient mysteries, alternative historical theories, and lost civilizations.

The article is entitled "Myths and our Lost Origins" and argues that the evidence from myth puts unsustainable pressure on the conventional paradigm of humanity's ancient history such that the conventional paradigm will eventually have to be abandoned.

This mythological evidence is undeniable and overwhelmingly abundant -- so abundant, in fact, that I have filled many books totaling thousands of pages exploring this evidence, and yet I readily admit that I have only just barely scratched the surface of the evidence which is available.

As this new article explains, the evidence from myth constitutes a compelling category of evidence which stands alongside all of the evidence found in archaeological sites around the world which also put irresistible pressure on the conventional paradigm of humanity's ancient past -- a conventional paradigm which is clearly so flawed that it will have to be completely replaced by a new paradigm capable of explaining the evidence which continues to mount and which cannot be ignored or dismissed forever by the present entrenched guardians of orthodoxy:

That the conventional paradigm of humanity's ancient history is gravely flawed and in need of radical revision is indicated by overwhelming evidence found around the world, documented for decades now by authors such as John Anthony West, Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock, and many others, but without acknowledgement (let alone acceptance) by the keepers of that conventional paradigm (primarily in academia).

Those authors rightly point out that several of the individual pieces of evidence from antiquity would in and of themselves be sufficient to reveal that the standard academic paradigm of human history is untenable -- and taken in their entirety, when adding all the individual examples found literally around the globe, the weight of the evidence crushes that conventional paradigm completely . . .

Click here to read the entire article exploring "Myths and our Lost Origins" over at the Lost Origins website.

I've had the opportunity to have terrific conversations with the Lost Origins team twice before, in podcasts recorded on June 10, 2019 (discussed here with links to the downloadable file) and on April 23, 2016 (discussed here with links to the downloadable file).

Additionally, Andrew and CK will be present at the 11th Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, coming up in just over one month in Newport Beach, California -- I am looking forward to seeing them there! They just published a new interview with Walter Cruttenden, the founder and original organizer of the conference itself, which is always well worth attending if you are able to do so. If you do come to this year's CPAK, be sure to find Andrew and CK and tell them how much you appreciate the important work they are doing to promote the work of authors and researchers exploring these subjects.

I hope you will enjoy this new article and the examples and evidence which it brings together in one place, and share it with friends and family (and stubborn academics!) -- and I hope to see you at this year's Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, along with the Lost Origins team!